Sunday, December 6, 2015

Great Show Results and Holiday Gift Ideas!

This blog covers many topics, such as horse show results, holiday gift ideas, and words of wisdom from guest speakers at the Florida State Highpoint Program banquet. But first, we'd like to congratulate the riders that competed at the Georgia Fall Classic and Horsemanship Finals in Perry, GA.

Georgia Fall Classic and Horsemanship Finals - Results

The trip to Georgia was definitely worth it, as Suncoast Stables riders had an awesome show! Results were as follows:

Graceanne Hoback on Akeelah
1st - Saddleseat Pleasure
1st - UPHA Pleasure Equitation Cup
---Saddleseat Pleasure Grand Champion---
---ASB Show Pleasure Amateur/Jr. Exhibitor Reserve Grand Champion---

Mari Pawlowski on Titleist Par-Tee Time
1st - Academy 6 and under, W/T Showmanship
2nd - Academy 6 and under, W/T Equitation
3rd - Academy Novice Rider Any Age
---1st - Academy 6 and under, W/T Equitation Championship---
---1st - Academy 6 and under, W/T Showmanship Championship---

In addition, two Suncoast Stables riders qualified to compete at the Horsemanship Finals at the Georgia Fall Classic. This competition, which highlights overall horsemanship skills, featured 31 competitors from the Southeast this year. Riders randomly draw horses to ride and only get five minutes to learn and adapt to the horse before having to compete. There are multiple rounds of elimination and after each round the remaining riders draw a different horse. Elissa Alfonso made it through all the rounds of elimination with stellar performances in each round. Graceanne Hoback also made it through all elimination rounds and was called back to be included in the TOP TEN ceremony.

Avalon Horse Show - Results

This past weekend, Suncoast Stables competed at the Avalon Horse Show. We're proud to announce the results below:

Sara Morris on Titleist Par-Tee Time
1st - Academy 14 and over, W/T Showmanship
2nd - Academy 14 and over, W/T Equitation

Caitlin Buckley on Titleist Par-Tee Time and Carrington
1st - Academy 11-13, W/T Equitation (Titleist)
1st - Academy 11 and over Novice Rider, W/T Equitation (Carrington)
4th - Academy 11-13, W/T Showmanship (Titleist)

Hayley O'Ryan on Titleist Par-Tee Time and Carrington 
1st - Academy 8 and under, W/T Equitation (Carrington)
2nd - Academy 8 and under, W/T Showmanship (Carrington)
2nd - Academy 10 and under Novice Rider, W/T Showmanship (Titleist)

Mari Pawlowski on Titleist Par-Tee Time
3rd - Academy 10 and under, W/T Equitation
3rd - Academy 10 and under, W/T Showmanship
3rd - Academy 8 and under, W/T Showmanship
4th - Academy 8 and under, W/T Equitation

Madeline McNamara on Travel In Style
1st - Academy 11-13, W/T Showmanship
4th - Academy 11-13, W/T Equitation

Victoria Conners on Graffiti Girl (first horse show for Graffiti Girl!!!)
3rd - Academy 11 and over Novice Rider, W/T Showmanship
3rd - Academy 14 and over, W/T Showmanship
4th - Academy 14 and over, W/T Equitation

Katie O'Ryan on Titleist Par-Tee Time and Carrington 
1st - Academy 10 and under Novice Rider, W/T Equitation (Titleist)
2nd - Academy 10 and under, W/T Equitation (Carrington)
2nd - Academy 10 and under, W/T Showmanship (Carrington)

Be sure to check the "Upcoming Events" section of our website for upcoming local shows in 2016.

Holiday Gift Ideas

The holiday season is here. It can be tough to find the perfect item, but below are some websites that may hold a great gift for the horse-lover in your family.

For saddle pads, saddle carriers, and horse blankets:

For riding pants:

For riding apparel:

For memberships/organizations:

If you are contemplating a holiday gift for your trainer, perhaps consider a donation on the Suncoast Stables GoFundMe page - where your gift will be used on upcoming projects that will improve your experience at the barn.

As you know, Suncoast Stables enjoys reinvesting back into its customers to continuously improve the customer experience.  With the new barn addition already on the way, which will provide more tack rooms, wash racks, feed rooms, storage, and office space, we have more improvements planned!

Click here to go to the Suncoast Stables GoFundMe page.

Words of Wisdom

At the Florida State Highpoint Program banquet, Mary Jo Schmidt and Tom Johnson spoke to those in attendance. Mary Jo and Tom are two of the greats in our industry and it is always a pleasure to learn from their experiences.

Mary Jo talked about the competitive nature of riders and the drive to constantly get better. She cited a study that determined it could take 10,000 hours of practice to truly become an expert at something. At Suncoast Stables, we fully support the drive of our riders to constantly improve.  We set goals for shows, and when we reach them, we set more difficult goals. More and more can be gotten out of every horse and rider and we enjoy being with you every step of the way to succeed at reaching your goals.

Tom Johnson talked about how motivation works both ways. The trainer not only motivates riders to do well, but riders motivate trainers.  When a rider is saddened by a poor ride, the trainer constantly thinks of more ways to help the rider improve and move on from the bad experience to the brighter days ahead.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

It's Horse Show Season!

This blog is jam-packed of information, including Horse Show results, updates on the new barn, and important dates to remember.

Horse Show Success
Riders from the Suncoast Stables Show Team started off the Fall show season with an amazing showing. Despite the rain, we earned a lot of blue ribbons, had great rides, and gained even more experience at the Serenity Stables Horse Show in Spring Hill, FL. This built on the success of last month's Summer's End Horse Show in Ocala, FL. Results from both shows can be found further down in this blog post. Thanks to everyone who helped out with the show and supported the team... it was greatly appreciated! Also, if you'd like the chance for your pictures from lessons or shows to be featured on the blog, please email them to

New Barn Addition
Our riders are like family, and we enjoy investing back into the business so you can have a better customer experience. When the rain stops and the land can be properly prepared, we'll begin the new barn addition that will add more tack and feed rooms, a show tack room, five wash racks, an office, and additional storage. Other minor improvements, such as fence painting towards the front of the property, have already begun.

T-Shirts Are In
On your next visit Suncoast Stables, be sure to check out the newly designed T-shirts that are for sale. They're great for showing support at the upcoming horse shows!

Congratulations to Judy Rodrick
Judy is the proud new owner of the handsome McGwire, who will be staying at Suncoast Stables. If owning a horse is in your future plans, be sure to talk to Krystle, as she can help find a horse that matches your riding style, budget, and future needs.

Upcoming Events
Please note that the October Ride at the Park has moved from Sunday October 25th to Saturday October 24th at 3pm. An updated list of events is below:

October 23rd - 6:00pm - Boots, Bits, and Bridles Youth Club Meeting

October 24th - 3:00pm - Ride at the Park

October 25th - 11:30am - Celebration of the Breeds Brunch and Banquet - Tampa Yacht Club

October 30th - November 1st - Harvest Days Horse Show - Florida State Fairgrounds

November 13th - 6:00pm - Boots, Bits, and Bridles Youth Club Meeting

November 15th - 10:00am - Ride at the Park

November 20th - 22nd - Georgia Fall Classic Horse Show and Horsemanship Finals - Perry, GA

December 4th - 6:00pm - Boots, Bits, and Bridles Youth Club Meeting

December 6th - 10:00am - Avalon Horse Show - Lutz, FL

Holiday Lessons
Our lesson schedule for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's is as follows:

Tuesday, November 24th - Normal lesson schedule
Wednesday, November 25th - Lessons from 9am-4pm - please schedule online
Thursday, November 26th - No lessons
Friday, November 27th - No lessons
Saturday, November 28th - Normal lesson schedule

Tuesday, December 22nd - Normal lesson schedule
Wednesday, December 23rd - Normal lesson schedule
Thursday, December 24th - No lessons
Friday, December 25th - No lessons
Saturday, December 26th - Normal lesson schedule

New Year's:
Wednesday, December 30th - Lessons from 9am-8pm
Thursday, December 31st - No lessons
Friday, January 1st - No Lessons
Saturday, January 2nd - Normal lesson schedule

Serenity Stables Show Results

Mari Pawlowski with Titleist Par-Tee Time (first show)
First place - Academy Walk/Trot on the line, 8 and under
First place - Academy Equitation Walk/Trot, novice rider 10 and under

Graceanne Hoback with Titleist Par-Tee Time
First place - Saddleseat Equitation with Pattern

Hailey Luedde with Framed in Radiance
First place - Open Park Pleasure
Second place - English Pleasure

Hannah Murray with My Dream Come True
First place - English Pleasure
Second place - Country Pleasure

Sara Morris with Titleist Par-Tee Time
First place - Academy Showmanship Walk/Trot, 14 and over
Second place - Academy Equitation Walk/Trot, 14 and over

Haley Krupnick with Hopefully
First place - Country Pleasure
First place - Academy Saddleseat Showmanship Walk/Trot/Canter, 14 and over
Third place - Academy Saddleseat Equitation Walk/Trot/Canter, 14 and over

Madeline McNamara with Travel In Style
First place - Academy Saddleseat Showmanship Walk/Trot, 11-13
Second place - Academy Equitation Walk/Trot, novice rider 11 and over
Second place - Academy Showmanship Walk/Trot, novice rider 11 and over
Fifth place - Academy Saddleseat Equitation Walk/Trot, 11-13

Katie O'Ryan with Carrington (first show)
Third place - Academy Saddleseat Equitation Walk/Trot, 10 and under
Third place - Academy Saddleseat Showmanship Walk/Trot, 10 and under

Hayley O'Ryan with Attache's Bold Knight/Carrington (first show)
Second place - Academy Equitation Walk/Trot, novice rider 10 and under (Attache's)
Fourth place - Academy Saddleseat Equitation Walk/Trot, 8 and under (Carrington)
Fifth place - Academy Saddleseat Showmanship Walk/Trot, 8 and under (Carrington)

Emma Davis with Attache's Bold Knight
Fifth place - Academy Walk/Trot on the line, 8 and under

Devon Boyle with Titleist Par-Tee Time (first show off lead line)
Fifth place - Academy Saddleseat Equitation Walk/Trot, 8 and under
Sixth place - Academy Saddleseat Showmanship Walk/Trot, 8 and under

Ireland Boyle with Titleist Par-Tee Time (first show off lead line)
First place - Academy Showmanship Walk, novice rider, 8 and under

Summer's End Show Results

Karsyn Licciardello with Bobby J
First in ASB 3 gaited park pleasure qualifier and championship

Karsyn Licciardello with Simbara's Bess Buy
First in ASB 3 gaited show pleasure qualifier and championship

Hailey Luedde with Framed in Radiance (their second show together)
3rd in Morgan English Pleasure Jr. Exhibitor qualifier and championship

Madeline McNamara with Travel In Style
Two 3rd place in 11-17 Walk/Trot Showmanship and Equitation

Devon Boyle with Travel In Style
3rd in 8 and under walk and trot lead line

Ireland Boyle with Hopefully
4th in 8 and under walk and trot lead line

Haley Krupnick with Hopefully (their first show together and first time in full bridle)
4th and 5th in 14 and over Walk/Trot/Canter Showmanship and Equitation

Great job everyone! Thanks for your support. With more shows coming up, be sure to talk to your trainer about your goals.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Striving to Compete

There is nothing like the thrill of competing in horse shows! Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced rider, there are some basic things you need to know to become better and eventually compete for blue ribbons. These skills should be practiced so that they become second nature to you.

First, you have to truly love horses and want to understand them. Competition is about the horse and rider team knowing each other, how to respond to each other’s signals, and getting the most out of each other.  You need to master the basics of horse riding and horse care.  Ride every chance you can. It takes time to become an expert. Have the patience to practice hard to correct mistake.  This is how you make a strong horse and rider team. Repetition of these skills is the key to helping your muscle memory remember how to react… eventually it’ll happen automatically.

If you are on a budget, this could mean riding on horses that others look over. But that’s OK, because with dedication and practice, you and your horse will get noticed. And the more you get noticed and improve your skills, the better you will compete.  Study the top competitors.  Ask your trainer to give you more knowledge about what makes a rider great.  Study your training plan.

Start in fun local shows.  There are several coming up in the next few months.  This gives you and your horse experience in front of a crowd.  You’ll get used to the intricacies of competition and a good feel for the rules.  Eventually, you’ll move up and experience the exciting environment of a larger regional show.  Again, this is an excellent opportunity to learn from others.

At shows, you’ll experience ups and downs. A good attitude and good sportsmanship is the key to dealing with this. It’s a judged sport and you may encounter unfairness or disappointment, but it is important to be strong and bounce back.  Always be eager and hungry to learn from every experience and put this knowledge into practice.

Sign-ups are available at the barn for the fall and winter shows.  Talk to your instructor now about what you should be doing to prepare for these upcoming events.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Summer Happenings

Just like the summer weather, things are heating up at Suncoast Stables.  From show results to new horse owners to upcoming events, here's an update on everything happening at the barn.


Suncoast Stables recently competed in this Odessa, FL horse show.  Congratulations goes out to Sara Morris for competing in her first show. She received two 2nd place ribbons and a 3rd place ribbon in 14 and over WT Showmanship, WT Equitation Novice, and WT Showmanship Novice classes respectively.

Graceanne Hoback rode her horse McGwire to a 1st place ribbon in Park/3-Gaited Pleasure and rode Carrington to a 2nd place finish in 11-13 WTC Equitation.

Madeline McNamara had a great 2nd place performance in 11-13 WT Equitation.

Ireland and Devon Boyle looked great in their second ever horse show, winning 2nd and 4th place respectively in the WT Lead Line class.

Madison Scranton, riding Basquiat's Emmy, received 2nd in 11-13 WTC Showmanship and 3rd in 11-13 WTC Equitation.

Hannah Murray, riding her horse My Dream Come True, received 2nd in Country Pleasure.

This was great experience and, as always, plans will be made to ensure continued improvement. Special thanks to all those that helped us out at the show!


We'd like to congratulate two riders that received birthday surprises this month. Hailey Luedde received Framed in Radiance, a nine-year-old Morgan Mare, for her 14th birthday. They'll compete in Morgan English Pleasure Jr. Exhibitor.

For her 12th birthday, Madeline McNamara leased Travel in Style. She will be learning on this beautiful twelve-year-old American Saddlebred.


Don't forget, the Summer Fun Horse Show is right around the corner! This show is held in Lady Lake, Florida from June 11-13. 

Even if you're not competing in this show, remember that summer is the perfect time to prepare for other upcoming shows, such as the Southeastern Charity Show in September or the Harvest Days Show at the Florida State Fairgrounds. Now is the time to train hard and review goals with your instructor to prepare for these great competitions.


There's now a "Barn News" section on our website. Check it out to see the latest news, such as the ASHA Junior Junction Magazine's feature on our Boots, Bits, and Bridles Youth Club!


Suncoast Stables still has some sports available in their 5-day summer camps this year:

Camp 1: June 22-26
Camp 2: June 29-July 3
Camp 3: July 13-17
Camp 4: July 27-31
Camp 5: August 3-7
Camp 6: August 10-14

Camp runs from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. each day and is open to children ages 6-18.

Contact Suncoast Stables for more information.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Why Summer Horse Camp is Right for Your Children


Summer will be upon us soon. There's no doubt that you want to plan some fun activities for your children during the school break and the week-long summer horsemanship camps at Suncoast Stables provide some great benefits.

First, camps offer an ideal way for your children to gauge their interest in horses without a large financial or time commitment. Maybe they've been a little interested in horseback riding, but not enough to sign up for weekly lessons. Perhaps they like horses, but haven't really spent time with them. Consider summer camp a trial run, where children will gain an appreciation for the combination of power, grace, and fun-loving attitude that horses display, all while in a safe environment.

Summer camp also teaches responsibility (but in a fun way).  Your children will not only ride horses, but learn about proper care, such as feeding, grooming, how to tack, and how to clean stalls.  They'll familiarize themselves with the equipment necessary to ride and even learn some horse anatomy. 

Week-long summer camps are also a great way for your children to have fun in a supportive  environment. There's no need to be apprehensive, as Suncoast Stables provides horses that can accommodate various skill levels, from beginner to advanced.  Since safety is the number one priority, campers will be comfortable while riding and are in good hands with the instructor and older riders with more experience. Campers will engage in activities with others of a similar age group.

Summer camps, at the very least, are a great experience for children and could even ignite their passion for riding horses. Perhaps the goal of becoming an advanced rider or the thrill of winning blue ribbons at local academy-level competitions (which don't require your own horse) will begin for your children this summer.

Suncoast Stables, which has earned a 100% customer recommendation rating on Groupon and a 5-star rating on Yelp, is holding six different 5-day summer camps this year:

Camp 1: June 22-26
Camp 2: June 29-July 3
Camp 3: July 13-17
Camp 4: July 27-31
Camp 5: August 3-7
Camp 6: August 10-14

Camp runs from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. each day and is open to children ages 6-18.

Registration forms, which include more information about camp, are available here

In addition, the Boots, Bits, and Bridles Youth Club meeting is this Friday, April 24, at 6pm. The club is open to all of our riders under age 18.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Gasparilla Charity Horse Show

Shane Shiflet Photography. Photo ordered.


Suncoast Stables recently competed at the Gasparilla Charity Horse Show, one of the largest and most competitive in the area.  This horse show supports charities such as Horses for Hope and UPHA scholarships.

The show was successful on many levels. Graceanne Hoback rode her new horse McGwire in their first A-rated show together. They turned in several quality rides in the American Saddlebred 3-Gaited Show Pleasure Jr. Exhibitor division.  This tough division featured stiff competition that included some world champion horse/rider combinations from across the country and fellow Suncoast Stables rider Hailey Luedde on Travel In Style. Hailey is new to the division but you wouldn't know it by watching her.

Karsyn Licciardello rode extremely well on Simbara's Bess Buy in the English Pleasure Open Breed division. This team moved to a tougher division this year and we can tell there are good things to come in the future for this dynamic duo.

Ten weeks ago, a former horse trainer and now client brought the beautiful Framed in Radiance to Suncoast Stables.  In this short period of time, Krystle Lee trained the horse to be ready for its very first horse show. Krystle and Radiance competed well, earning two blue ribbons, and it was great experience for Radiance. 

More importantly, after each horse show, Suncoast Stables provides a personalized training plan going forward to improve for upcoming shows. Job well done everybody!!

If you are interested in starting competition, there are several smaller local shows this season that do not require horse ownership. This is a great way to get your feet wet and develop a training plan to improve your showmanship skills.

Suncoast Stables offers training for young horses, whether they be show or pleasure prospects.

Special thanks to Hannah Murray and Elissa and Stephanie Alfonso for all their help at the show!


It's almost summer camp time! Besides learning how to ride, campers will get hands-on experience caring for a horse. This includes grooming, feeding, tacking up, and cleaning stalls. We also use fun games to reinforce educational content, such as horse anatomy, nutrition, safety, and equipment.
Children ages 6 - 18 can attend camp. We have helmets available. When riding, campers must wear long pants and closed toe hard-soled shoes. Be sure to bring a cooler with lunch, drinks, and snacks... and don't forget your sunscreen and sunglasses!

This year's weekly summer camps are being held June 22-26, June 29-July 3, July 13-17, July 27-31, August 3-7, and August 10-14. Camp runs from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Registration forms are available here.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Promoting the American Saddlebred

Suncoast Stables was invited by the University of Florida to represent the American Saddlebred breed at the 4H and FFA Youth Judging State Competition held at the Florida State Fair in Tampa, FL last Saturday. 4H and FFA teams from all over the state of Florida competed for individual and team accolades.  Other breeds and disciplines at this event included Belgians, Western Pleasure Stock Type, Warmbloods, Hunter/Jumpers, and Quarter Horses. This was a successful event and we were happy to promote our breed!

One of Suncoast Stables' goals is to eliminate the misconception that American Saddlebreds are mistreated by practices associated with many closely-related gaited breeds.  Even though some American Saddlebreds can be taught to do gaited work, they are still considered a "trotting" breed and are required to trot in every single class at a horse show.  Therefore, they cannot undergo training practices that result in lameness of any kind, as any horse that is unsound or lame cannot trot properly. It is important to educate those around us so people can properly enjoy the discipline.


Six different weekly Summer Camp sessions have been posted on our website in the "Camp" section. You'll also find the printable Registration Form. 


February 20 / March 27 / April 24 @ 6:00 p.m.
Boots, Bits, and Bridles Youth Club Meeting
Youth club is all about horsemanship and expanding young equestrian minds.

March 10-14
Gasparilla Charity Horse Show, Florida State Fairgrounds
Looking to keep the momentum going from the first horse show of the season, Suncoast Stables will compete at the larger Gasparilla Show. This show is free and open to the public. Please come show your support.

March 29 @ 10:00 a.m.
Ride at Lake Park
Sign up at the barn for this event and remember to pack a lunch and drinks!

April 1-4
Pro-Am Chairty Horse Show, Perry, Georgia
Suncoast Stables takes the show on the road to face regional competition. 

April 11, 2015 @ 7:00 p.m.
A Night at the Barn
Come join us for an evening under the stars with your four-legged friends as we watch the family movie Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken, based on a true story of a young girl who followed her passion for horses into a career as a stunt rider. Bring your friends and neighbors, as we'll have a barn tour and ice cream social before the movie starts. For additional information, contact Suncoast Stables.

Monday, January 5, 2015

2015 Off to a Fast Start

Happy New Year!

At Suncoast Stables, we're looking forward to a great year of helping our horses and riders reach new heights!  Only five days into the year, we already have a lot going on.


First, we'd like to introduce you to two new show horses in training at the barn. Please welcome Framed in Radiance, a bay Morgan mare, and Walterway's Dainty Miss, a chestnut Saddlebred mare.  We have two more stalls available for training.


This Friday, from 6-7pm, Suncoast Stables is holding a Boots, Bits, and Bridles Youth Club meeting.  We will be discussing ASHA's Ride Time and ASHA & USEF Scholarships. ASHA is the American Saddlebred Horse Association and USEF is the United States Equestrian Federation.  Also at the meeting, we'll learn about proper show preparation, horse grooming, tack cleaning, and trailer loading.

Winter Horsemanship Camp was a lot of fun and a great success. We have some lesson time slots available. Don't forget to tell your friends about our special offers for new riders.


Horse show season is already starting.  The next show is the Champagne Stables Horse Show on Sunday, January 11 at 10am.   On February 7, there is the Judd's Stable Horse Show. The larger Gasparilla Charity Horse Show runs from March 10-14. Riders can still register for the Judd's and Gasparilla shows.

Horse Shows are free for spectators.  Vendors/concessions are present.


Saving Grace for Equines is always looking for tax deductible donations. They are a 501 (c) (3) public charity dedicated to rescuing equines from kill auctions, meat brokers, and abusive situations.  More information is available on their Facebook page.

Suncoast Stables is also accepting donations for barn expansion.  As our family grows, the addition of an enclosed tack/equipment room, youth club meeting area, stalls, and office will enable us to continue increasing our customer experience. Barn Expansion donations can be made on Go Fund Me. We thank you for your support.


The UPHA Convention (United Professional Horsemen's Association) will be held on January 14-17 in Savannah, GA. Krystle Lee will be attending. The conference provides continuing education for equestrian professionals, including judging and training clinics.

Krystle Lee received her Bachelor's of Equine Science from William Woods University in Fulton, Missouri and has served as the owner and trainer of Suncoast Stables in Odessa, FL since its opening in 2007.  She is a member of the American  Riding Instructors Association, the American Saddle Horse Association, the United Professional Horsemans' Association, the Certified Horsemanship Association, and the United States Equestrian Federation.