Sunday, September 7, 2014

Expand Your Horse Knowledge

Here are some websites and literature that Suncoast Stables recommends for those that are interested in learning more about horses.

Websites is a great website offering a wide selections of horse books and DVDs. Even though they do not offer books for every discipline, it is a great start. is a website for the American Saddlebred Museum and has a great gift shop that includes a selection of books and DVDs. Many different horse breed associations and museums will offer literature specific to the breeds and disciplines.

The Horse Magazine is a wonderful magazine for those interested in equine health. Equus Magazine covers horse behavior, disease, lameness, management, and riding. Young Rider Magazine is perfect for our younger equine enthusiasts. There are also magazines for very specific disciplines, ages, and breeds.

Equine Science, by Jean T. Griffiths, is designed to be an indispensable guide to the horse. It includes charts, photos, and references for practical advice and information. Rein In Your Brain, by Janeane Reagan, PhD, is a book for do-it yourself mental and emotional training for riders and drivers.